Eau de Cologne by Laboratoires Cadentia Parfumeurs en Provence

Eau de Cologne by Laboratoires Cadentia Parfumeurs en Provence.  Add luxury after your bath or shower with the delicate scent of Rose, Violette, Lavender, or Citrus.

The original Eau de Cologne is a spirit-citrus scented water (acqua mirabilis) created in Florence in 1695 by Giovanni Paolo Feminis. He passes the formula onto his nephew, Jean François Farina, an apothecary in Cologne, Germany, who distills the water, and in-turn, bequeaths this fabulous legacy to his grandson, Jean Marie Farina. This water is now called "Eau de Cologne" due its Germanic origins.

In 1806, Jean Marie Farina moves his operation to Paris, distilling Eau de Cologne on the "Rue Saint Honoré." During the 19th Century the Eau de Cologne is immensely popular with the Bourgeois!

Eau de Cologne embodies French luxury and authenticity.  

6.8 oz./200 ml.

Made in France.

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