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196 King Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

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(843) 577-7633

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10:00AM - 7:00PM  Monday - Saturday

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Our boutique is located on lower King Street, in Charleston's Historic Antiques District, one block south of Charleston Place, adjacent to the King's Courtyard Inn, between Fulton Street and Horlbeck Alley.

"Remember your childhood visits to Grandma’s house? Sneaking into her room, that inner sanctum of beautiful, untouchable things. You’d play dress-up for hours clomping around in her high heels. Well, if your Grandmother was a French woman with exquisite taste, then Lily in Charleston will make you feel right at home. This is an artfully and expertly curated boutique, a jewel box of interesting and chic finds. They have vintage jewelry, gorgeous scarves, and a plethora of other finds. It’s a girl's heaven!"

Ann Herndon, Travel Concierge 

"Lily offers beautiful stationery, vintage jewelry, soaps, and handbags, not to mention an overall aesthetic that makes you feel good to be in this lovely little expertly curated shop."

Susan O'Keefe, National Geographic Travel & Culture 

Lily has been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine, included in Travel + Leisure's Definitive Guide To Charleston, and is honored to have a place in a bevy of beautiful blogs.

About the Shopkeeper:
I have always had a love for all things French.  I remember as a child, on a trip to Paris with my mother, how mesmerized I was by the beauté parisienne exceptionnelle and all the alluring objets de luxe.  As Lily’s chief buyer, visual display merchandiser, luxury ambassador, and purveyor of life's little luxuries, I believe in exceeding customer expectations and always going above and beyond what my patrons expect. The bottom line with life’s little luxuries is that they have to be the best!