Maison Oriza Legrand


In 1720, during the reign of Louis XV, Jean-Louis Fargeon, Parfumeur of the King and his Court, gave birth to Maison Oriza. 

Maison Oriza enjoyed the trust of the most illustrious King Louis XV of France, who became its most eminent patron.  The name of the parfum house originates from Oryza Sativa, the latin name for rice, the key ingredient for rice powder for make-up and wigs, created by Jean-Louis Fargeon for the Royals and Aristocrats of France, along with unique eau de parfum.  

From 1811 onward, it was Louis Legrand who managed the parfum house, becoming Maison Oriza Legrand.  

Amongst its achievements, the house became one of the first to conceive of a true range of eaux de parfum.  The house supplied its exquisite parfum to the Royal Courts of France, Great Britain, Italy, and Russia, and was awarded Royal Warrants by those distinguished Royal Houses.

In the present day, proud of its prestigious history, Maison Oriza Legrand remains irresistibly alluring with its refined creations.

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