Bosom Buddy Bags


Each bag is individually handcrafted by master weavers of the Tenganan region of Bali using Ata Grass, a vine indigenous to the foothills of volcanoes. This art form is handed down through generations and is unique to Indonesia. The warm golden color of the Ata Grass develops naturally from slow smoking over fires of coconut husks soaked in honey. Working from their Baltimore studio, the Bosom Buddy design team then hand adorns each bag with ribbons & findings. 

The selection of Bosom Buddy Bags in our shop is always changing. We have chosen a few of our best selling designs to feature on our site. If you would like a bag that is listed as Sold Out please contact us. Sold Out bags are often expected back in stock soon. We'll be happy to reserve a bag for you. Limited Edition bags are available in extremely limited quantities.

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